Using MV Skintherapy skincare and essential oils, we hydrate and cleanse the skin with warm scented compresses, followed by a specially blended skin booster and soft clay mask treatment. Clay has the dual benefit of allowing minerals to be absorbed into your skin, as well as deeply cleansing and drawing out impurities. We give you a deeply relaxing décolleté, arm and neck massage, as well as a leg and foot massage using MV Skintherapy aromatic oils, allowing you to drift off into a gentle relaxed state.

Our hydrating toners and moisturising creams are calming and soothing – particularly suited to people with very sensitive skin – and great for men with shaving rash.

MV skintherapy have a range of specialised boosters for tired, dehydrated skin or inflamed skin, as well as a very gentle organic Soap Bar especially designed for men’s shaving and cleansing routines.

The full range of MV Skintherapy skincare and body care is available at Sage, with a special range for men.

Within 15 minutes of this treatment you will deeply relax into a calm and rested space.