The Eminence Fire & Ice Facial is the original Red Carpet Eminence experience: this is perfect for congested, porous, dry, dehydrated skin or a fabulous pick me up for anyone.
We begin with a cool fruit pulp AHA mask layered with a hot Paprika mask, which gently allows the AHA’s to penetrate and deeply cleanse without affecting the acid mantle of the skin. It truly softens and exfoliates, helping congested or dull skin and also very dry skin come back to life. We then massage your arms and hands to relax you. This is followed by two soft masque treatments, one is massaged into your skin to calm, and while this is doing its magic we give you a wonderful foot and leg massage. The next masque is to ultra hydrate and includes our plumping neck and face massage. We end this beautiful facial with a personalised booster and moisturising treatment to complete your now healthy skin with a very clarified, smooth, soft and glowing appearance.

Choose from either our Blueberry Detox and Stonecrop or Paprika and Calm Skin Facials. ( Note the Blueberry is extra hot ! )

A beautiful transforming treatment – this signature facial is a must.