Our Sage De Luxe Manicure is a natural enriching gentle treatment for your hands, using only organic or biodynamic skincare. We use MV or Dr.Hauschka hand cream, MV Pure Jojoba oil or Neem nail oil – both of which are wonderful for nourishing your cuticles as well as your nails. You can choose your colour from an array of attractive vegan and toxin free NailsInc or ButterLondon Polishes. We buff and shape your nails the way you like them to the length you prefer.

Available Monday – Friday and on Sundays.

Please note this service is not usually available on Saturdays but please always ask.

Men are welcome to come in for Manicure and Pedicure treatments.

We only use the following polishes and these are the reasons why…

NailsInc are the UK’s Number One nail brand and like ButterLONDON which we also stock, are dedicated to the environment. NailsInc are Vegan, cruelty-free and 21 Free from nasty ingredients. ButterLondon are also Vegan 3-5-7 Free, containing no animal by products.

These ingredients are not in NailsInc or ButterLONDON.

1. DBP – dibutyl phthalate, currently banned in Europe, is not an eco-friendly ingredient and is known to be carcinogenic.

2. Formaldehyde is often found in nail polishes to prevent chipping and is known to be carcinogenic.

3. Toulene Free. Toulene is also a solvent commonly used in nail polishes and enters the body via inhalation of the fumes. It is very hard to excrete from the body as it has low water solubility and cannot be excreted via the body’s normal functions, ie. sweat, kidneys and bowel. These fumes can cause nausea and be intoxicating.

We have a lovely range of NailsInc and Butter Polishes as well as non acetone polish remover, calcium strengthener, basecoats, topcoats and cuticle removers available for purchase.