Certificate Past Life Regression Therapy, Brian Weiss Institute, Omega USA 2014

Diploma Dr. Hauschka Esthetician 2003

Certificate Pregnancy Massage Nature Care College 2003

Life Coach Coach U Australasia 2000 – current

Diploma Homoeopathic Medicine Sydney College of Homoeopathy 1990 – 1994

Diploma Remedial Massage Nature Care College 1993

BA Social ScienceVictoria University 1980 – 1984

Owner, Dr. Hauschka Natural Esthetician & Beauty Therapist, Pregnancy & Remedial Massage Therapist ; Homoeopath, Journeywork Practitioner and Past Life Hypnotherapist.

“I am intrinsically interested in the preservation of our natural health and wellbeing as much as we can – including the world around us, politically and personally. Growing up in New Zealand, I learnt early on that we needed to take care of our environment and one another, as well as ourselves individually. I wanted to offer a space that was nurturing and supportive with natural and high quality products for people to use. I implicitly wanted to ensure that there was no addition to the toxic overload on our bodies – as I saw happening – partly through the use of pesticides in growing our fruit and vegetables, and also the synthetic hormones used in farming animals. Importantly, the synthetic chemicals in beauty and skincare products bothered me in particular as we naturally absorb much of what goes on and in our bodies, and this has been the birthing of Sage Beauty, a deep passion for lessening synthetic chemical absorption and improving all of our long term health.

So, I opened Sage Beauty as I decided that I had this opportunity to make a much bigger statement and intention making a difference to people who come in here – with the way we run the business, the skills we have, the philosophy, ideas and knowledge of our down to earth practitioners, and within the products and treatments that we offer. We are always learning and we learn a lot from our clients as well – every day.

I have been practising as a Natural Therapist for 21 years in North Bondi and have also embraced Dr Hauschka skincare and treatments, Sharon McGlinchey of MV Organic skincare’s philosophies and lovely range of products, and Eminence and their devotion to the communal wellbeing of the planet and people on it. These products are steeped in varying philosophies, Homoeopathic, Herbal and Aromatherapy – and in the understanding of the skin as a vital part of each of us as a great absorber of good medicine and also an indicator of potential underlying imbalances.

Good quality natural products applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream via the dermis and nourish us by giving us the benefits of their ingredients which then affect our whole body slowly and gently, as a tonic, in a strengthening healing way over time. All of our skincare products are organic and biodynamic and help us strengthen our systems and wellbeing in this way.

As a Homoeopath, I enjoy treating children and helping parents understand how to be pro-active in learning about remedies and treating their children with confidence themselves.

I am a Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapist and also offer my own style of American Indian Journeywork. I would call myself an intuitive practitioner, and I am very down to earth, but also able to tune in to my clients and vice versa. Humour plays an important part in my world and we all laugh often and also share a tear when things are tough or touching.

I also practise Past Life Hypnotherapy, which is a fascinating way to understand emotional blocks and also relationships, not to mention to explore the minds’ potential.

As a Holistic Beauty Therapist, I love giving our facial treatments to my clients and learning about how their skin responds and heals. I also enjoy the creative process of caring for my clients eyebrows, ensuring that when I shape and colour them, they really enhance their features and are “just right”. Our wonderful palette of tint colours means we can colour match perfectly.

We have a very passionate team, we share our skills with one another and everyone who walks in here, and we also know there’s a little bit of magic in our beautiful little jewel at Sage – and we love it! We look forward to your visit.


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Wednesday 10am – 8pm
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Sunday once a month 9am – 5pm
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