At Sage Beauty we have a dedicated team of professionals whose main concern is to take care of you. We are qualified and passionate about what we do, and we enjoy our time at Sage immensely.We hope you do too.

Junia Kerr

The owner, very passionate about Complimentary Medicine and working with our natural systems to create balance internally as well as topically with the skin. I am a trained Herbalist, specialising in regulating painful periods, endometriosis, and PMT as well as hormonal acne and skin disorders. Being a devoted Dr Hauschka Therapist, Eminence and Sage facialist, these treatments I love to give and combine with LED adjunctive treatments where needed. I also love Brow shaping and colour correction, offer hybrid tinting and am still a Homoeopath, still have a sense of humour and am an occasional Remedial Massage Therapist and Past Life Hypnotherapist.

Sarah Luck

Sarah is a very experienced and knowledgable Naturopath – renowned for her success specialising in Natural Fertility, as well as being the detective of all health imbalances, thyroid disorders and skin conditions. Sarah offers informative comprehensive and personalised treatment plans for her clients.

As Sarah has relocated all appointments are via zoom.

Sarah Sheenan

Sarah is an experienced Beauty Therapist and Relaxation Massage therapist, including Indian Head Massage Therapy. Sarah is passionate about Brows and getting them right for you – and also offers Hybrid Brow tinting and Lash Lifts, which are a great alternative to lash extensions as they don’t damage your lashes and last for up to 6 weeks.

Sarah is also an experienced Make up artist, specialising in our Jane Iredale make up and offering helpful hints and advice in choosing the right make up for you as well as offering tips on how to apply your make up to get the best effect.

She excels in all waxing services, and is quick and professional. Sarah loves her facials, and is trained in Eminence, Dr Hauschka and Sage Facials, as well as LED light therapy.

You will be treated to her wonderful Indian head massage in her facial treatments, being an extremely relaxing therapy and allowing you to zone out and switch off.

Mei Tjen Auw

Mei is a senior Remedial Massage Therapist who has studied and trained in a variety of massage treatments. Mei practices Remedial Massage, Pregnancy massage, Cupping and Fire Cupping, Indian head massage, Lymphatic massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki.

Mei says, ” I learnt reflexology from my father and have an ongoing interest in this field. I am also passionate about healing and balancing energy in the body to create harmony and a deeper sense of inner calm.”

Mei also uses Acupressure in her treatments to relieve pain and provide deep relaxation, and aims to provide you with an intuitive and gentle therapeutic massage with the techniques she has learnt over the years. She has also studied Psychology and Counselling practises.

Mei is known for her intuitive touch, insight and gentleness as well as her love of aromatherapy and crystal energetics.

Aishath Mohamed

Aishath is an Acupuncturist, Facial Acupuncturist & senior Remedial Massage Therapist facilitating health with loving kindness. She works with the different energy maps of the body aiming to ease you of pain whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and bring the body to a balanced harmonious state.

She offers Remedial, Lymphatic, Pregnancy Massage and Reiki. With acupuncture, she works closely with stress, anxiety & depression, chakra balancing and facial rejuvenation.

Etta Winn

Etta is a Senior Remedial massage therapist and specialises in Pregnancy massage. She also offers Maya Abdominal massage, Lymphatic massage, Reiki and Aromatherapy. Etta is also an experienced and qualified Doula. Etta brings with her years of experience and a real passion for harmonising the body through massage therapy and offering professional advice on birthing and pre and post natal care. Etta is known for her warmth, lovely humour and kindness.

Bailee Tietie

Bailee is an experienced beauty therapist who is competent, quick and efficient in all waxing services. She also loves giving nurturing facials as well as LED treatments, and seeing you get the results you are after with the plethora of treatments available at Sage. In addition, Bailee offers lash lifts and relaxation massage for her clients. She is known for her warmth and sense of fun.

Alyssha Teh

Alyssha practices as a Beauty Therapist at Sage, offering Eminence, Dr Hauschka and Sage Facials as well as brow shaping, brow and lash tints and gentle waxing treatments.

Alyssha is known for her lovely warm personality and super deadly wit.

Mariko Oki

Mariko is a senior Remedial Massage therapist with a background in Shiatsu and trained in Reiki, Myofacial release and Acupressure.

Mariko is offering Remedial and Pregnancy massage as well as Reiki treatments, combining techniques according to the clients individual needs, to harmonise the body and release pain. Mariko is known for her care and attention with her clients and takes the time to work with them to alleviate pain and restore physical wellbeing.

Marie Crawford

Marie is a Natural Therapist who specialises in the treatment of anxiety, stress and sleep disorders, as well as other health concerns.

Marie is aware that in the last 24 months these issues have escalated for many people and she is very committed to helping people through this period and to support their overall sense of wellbeing.

Marie is fluent in French and English.

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