Experience our relaxing application of Silk Lash extensions ! Gently and carefully applied by our therapist, we can create the most natural look you wish for, along with advice on how to best care for your lashes.


Try not to use an oil based cleanser on your eyes when you have extensions as the oil can cause the lashes to dislodge.

As your natural eyelashes fall out daily, or in your sleep – don’t be surprised if you lose a few in the first night or few days – this is normal as we don’t know which ones are ready to fall out when we apply them. If too many fall out always come and show us and we will fix them for you.

Infills – every two weeks is the minimum to expect to fill in a few lashes, this varies from person to person, some people don’t need infills for a month, but check them and come in for a freshen up sooner rather than later.

Removal – when you are ready, please come to  us and allow us to professionally remove your lashes for you, don’t pull them off, this will only pull out your natural lashes leaving you with gaps !

We can help you with lovely organic eye make up remover which will also help preserve your lash life !