Bachelor of ArtsDouble majors in Sociology & Film, (UNSW) 1996-1998

Diploma Remedial Massage studies incl. Traditional Swedish Massage at NSW School of Natural Medicine, Coffs Harbour 1999

Diploma Remedial Therapies studies incl. Reflexology, Sports medicine, subtle body healing, acupressure, flower remedies at NSW School of Natural Medicine, Coffs Harbour 2000

Fulltime Studies in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition at NSW School of Natural Medicine, Coffs Harbour 1999-2001

Certificate 4 in Human Health Science studies incl. Anatomy & Physiology at University of New England (UNE, Armidale) 2000- 2001

Intensive biannual studies in Rosen Method Bodywork Advanced Student level, in Melbourne & California. 2003- 2010

Eminence Organic Skincare and Facial training at BodyInc, Potts Point 2008

Bachelor of Social Work Completed 1 Semester at Aust Catholic University (ACU, Strathfield) 2009

Certificate 3 Gestalt Counselling East Coast Gestalt NSW 2010

Certificate 4 Beauty Therapy TAFE, Petersham 2012

Dr Hauschka Esthetician training Discovery Centre, Balmain 2013

MV Organic Skincare and Facial training MV Headquarters, Cremorne 2013

Diploma Beauty Therapy TAFE, Petersham

Post Graduate studies in Lymphatic Drainage School of Integrated Body Therapy, Charmhaven 2013

Beginning Bachelor in TCM Studies incl. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine at Sydney Institute of TCM, Sydney. (Determined to graduate by 2018). 2014

Sujani is an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. She also practices Lymphatic Drainage and offers Ear Candling. In addition, Sujani is a qualified MV Organic Facial therapist and a Dr Hauschka Esthetician, offering beautiful treatments in both skincare systems. Sujani is well known for her healing hands in both facial treatments and strong massage technique, as well as her ability to assess injuries and treat them effectively.

Sujani Paek BA, DRM, DRT, DBT, Dr. Hauschka Esthetician, MV facialist.

Remedial Therapist

I have been in practice as a Remedial Therapist since 2000, where I qualified in Remedial Massage and then in Remedial Therapies.  My specialty is in Corrective bodywork treatments that largely focus on acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions as well as conditions involved with impaired Lymph flow.

From experience, I can usually see or feel the imbalance in the body and treat it effectively using slow release Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, positional release or Lymphatic Drainage as well as help from nutritional supplements- if needed.  The rest I intuit.

I have worked with those recovering from RSI, sports injuries, imbalanced postures, surgery and lymphoedema.  My clients are professionals, athletes, retired seniors, tired mums as well as kids- not to mention other Massage Therapists!  I am a provider for all Australian Healthfunds.  If you choose to work with me you are in safe and highly skilled hands.


I have been working with clients on their skin concerns since 2008, and have always used natural and organic skincare products to deliver wholesome replenishment of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the skin.  I believe in empowering women to make the changes they need to reach their skincare goals, and will advocate the use of nutritional supplements and herbs to address internal drivers that may cause imbalance in the skin.  Currently, I’m in love with Dr. Hauschka, MV Organic Skincare, and an oldie but a goodie- Emminence Organics.  When you book a facial with me, you are asking to be nurtured and deeply relaxed, and given the permission to feel and look beautiful naturally.

Other things…

I have a background understanding in naturopathy, western herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutrition, which always helps when working with people.  I’m a kind and quirky soul with fabulous sense of humour.  I’m an Aries Wood horse, mum, major dog lover…

I’ve also begun learning Acupuncture and TCM herbs, and am aiming to be qualified to practice in 2018-2019.

I nearly forgot to mention, I also tint eyelashes and brows, and do most waxing services – I’m told I’m very gentle.

Hope to see you soon 😉


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